5 ways to engage with ‘hard to reach’ EAL families

Tania Choudhury, Sheringham Nursery School

Are parents at your school hard to engage, or is your school hard for parents to engage with? SENDCO Tania Choudhury shares recent research on engaging EAL families, and offers practical ideas to help all parents play an active role in your school community. From communicating key information effectively, to getting parents involved in the classroom - learn how to break down language barriers and make sure everyone feels welcome and respected.

A note on terminology: we use BAME (Black, Asian or minority ethnic) in this video as a succinct way to refer to the many ethnic minority groups in England. However, we recognise that some people are not comfortable with the term. When talking about this topic in your school we'd encourage you to think about what will work best in your own context (other widely used terms include "ethnic minorities" and "people of colour") – and note that individuals should always be referred to according to their own ethnicity, rather than grouped in this way.